Lucid Insight into building Products.

We are a group of founders, strategists and technology builders wanting to help fellow founders build products, build connections, build teams.

These startups take us
as their partners

We helped founders launch teplo a year back and continued to support their evolving tech. Founders have sold close to 1500 teplos in year, estabished key partnerships and garnered 100 tea subscribers with a 90% retention rate.

We helped founders take on large companies in the ride-hailing economy. This wouldn't have been possible without corporate integrations and developing the product keeping that in mind. Founders are doing 10,000 rides a year in 1 country

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We helped founders take control of their ever increasing sales pipeline by providing them team for hires. We analyzed their pipeline and built a team to address those increasing projects.

We helped a Boston-based school convert a research paper talking about inculcating sustainable habits, into a mobile app. The research paper works wonders and we are on track to enable the mobile app do the same.

We started with a simple idea of automating sales calls through website forms and that improved productivity and calls lost by more than 100%. We converted procrastination into sales people bidding to acquire leads and get paid.

We are an early investor in Skyryse through an SPV. We believe in life changing products and this sure can bring a revolution in the flying industry.

We are an early investor in myBiometry through an SPV. We believe in life-changing products and this sure can bring a revolution in asthmatic patients as they measure their inhaler requirements real time.

We are an early investor in Xeno through an SPV. We believe in life-changing products and this sure can bring a revolution. Xeno aims to reduce obesity by converting a complex procedure "Gastric Bypass" into a simple pill.

Our Comprehensive Services

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Launchpad Our studio helps companies prepare for liftoff through in-house innovation and powerful strategic business analyses. We take world-changing products, pair them with the right de-coders, then back them up using proven methods from our playbook. We are nimble executers and stick to what we promise. Key Deliverables Product Launch
Scale Our purpose-built team brings extensive knowledge to the table, across a range of key growth functions. As experienced founders and operators ourselves, our goal is to productize that knowledge and deliver it to our Launchpad products—shortcutting the learning curve so they can scale better, faster. Key Deliverables Iterate on Products and Monitor Scale Reports.
Roadmap The smallest edge in the goal can make the biggest difference. That’s why we’re here: to collaborate at every step and stage with founders. We convert ideas into effective product frameworks, thus creating unfair advantages that drive bigger outcomes in less time. Key Deliverables Requirement document, product roadmap document.

Product Development

We are passionate about products. We love ideating, sketching, breaking our head over goto market strategy, finally putting our heads down and building products at appropriate scale.
Hit us up if you want to build awesome exciting products with us.

Product Launch Strategy

Every product is different and unique. We love to take ownership of not only the tech behind the product but also of the product launch and scaling strategy. These decisions critically inform product development and are 2 sides of the same coin.

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We love to invest in what we build. We either make meaningful introductions to investors or invest in products that we strongly believe in ourselves. We have invested in companies like Goelegido, Skyryse, myBiometry. We also invest in companies that we don’t build tech for. Hit us up if you are building an interesting product and/or raising capital.


We are always here to have fun. If there are other opportunities that you would like to discuss hit us up. We are always up for any sort of brainstorming and figuring out things.